National Institutional Ranking Framework 2016

Source: NIRF website

National Institutional Ranking Framework: a Good Initiative by Indian MHRD

There is hardly any need to point out this fact but still, it feels fine to do so: "India is a huge country with more than 1.3 Billion inhabitants" (See details here).

This would imply that there would be a large number of students in India and many of them would like to study engineering. (Why I am focused on Engineering? Hmm.. because I am one of them!) Furthermore, it would be apt to point out that on an average around "1.3+ million" students took examinations for engineering schools in India in 2015 via a Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). Plus, maybe we can add a couple of hundred thousand for various other private engineering school examination held in India.

Thus, for the benefit of all these many students (not just for engineering but for other field of study too), it would be great to have a framework to rank the Indian universities among their peers and to provide this information to the students and their families. Such information could prove beneficial for the students while choosing their place of study.

Such a framework was recently provided by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development via National Institutional Ranking Framework website. Currently the website provides ranking of the universities in various categories namely, "University | Engineering | Management | Pharmacy". Anyone can visit this website and click the required categories to see the ranking under the same.

Overall, the website looks clean with a nicely done UI and provides useful information to the new generation of students.